The ELKH Secretariat consults with the staff of libraries on the development of specialized institutional libraries


The ELKH Secretariat is committed to supporting the professional work of libraries. In this spirit, on April 6, 2022 the Secretariat held a workshop on the current situation of the specialized libraries of the various institutes and their development possibilities.

The almost one million printed library documents and the databases of scientific literature representing the entire world's scientific publications and available through the libraries constitute the main basis of institutional research. The inspiring professional debate attended by staff of the Secretariat and the institutional libraries covered topics such as the preservation, processing and digitization of museum collections, external and internal professional relations and the financial support provided to libraries by ELKH. At the event participants expressed their intention to establish a librarian workshop with the aim of developing the professional library work and partnerships among libraries, which will provide scope for professional training and workshops in addition to fostering communications between librarians.