Centre for Energy Research

The mission of the Centre for Energy Research is to pursue international scientific research in the field of materials science in order to continuously further Hungarian nuclear safety expertise in the following areas:

  • Technical and scientific support for the safe operation of nuclear power plant units in Hungary: deterministic safety and radiation damage analysis, development of reactor diagnostics
  • Research on the interaction between radiation (neutron, gamma and electron radiation) and matter, exploration of the biological effects of low-dose radiation
  • Development and application of nuclear analytics procedures; radiochemistry, radiation protection and nuclear protection
  • Development of nuclear fusion-based nuclear power generation processes, research and development of related technological and physical issues
  • Development of space weather measurement systems for monitoring the composition and spectrum of and changes to the magnetic field in space
  • Research and development of neutron research methods and tools for Hungarian and international use at the Budapest Neutron Centre (BNC)
  • Utilization of renewable energy sources, hydrogen and high-energy waste, environmental protection in analytical chemistry and physical chemistry
  • Interdisciplinary research on complex functional materials and nanometer-sized structures, exploration and application of physical, chemical and biological principles in integrated micro- and nanosystems, and development of test methods
  • Publication and utilization of the acquired knowledge in undergraduate and graduate training, in international and domestic industrial R&D programs, with special regard to the needs of SMEs

The research groups are affiliated with the following three scientific institutes

  • Atomic Energy Research Institute
  • Institute for Energy Security and Environmental Safety
  • Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science