Public research services in the ELKH Research Network

Incremental to their basic research tasks, the ELKH institutes perform numerous activities that do not fall in the R&D category, and that are managed in the Public Research Service Portfolio of ELKH. Public research services in the narrow sense are provided to the community for the common good, therefore, the whole of society profits from them.

Major areas of ELKH’s public research services:

  1. Public monitoring
    These include, for example, studies and forecasts related to radiation protection, seismology and weather.
  2. Management of collections and museums
    This includes the tasks connected to the maintenance and displaying of collections related to different scientific fields, as well as the management of museums operated by research sites.
  3. Public consultation
    Research sites provide up-to-date and practically applicable information in their own field to a certain group or the whole of society.
  4. Professional databases
    This includes the tasks related to professional databases created during the scientific activity of research sites, containing scientific results, other information and measurement data.
  5. Professional and popular science publications
    Numerous ELKH research sites provide online or traditional professional or popular science journals or other publications for the relevant members of society at a discount price or free of charge.
  6. Popularizing science
    The different fields of science offer various programs and services to popularize science at research sites, to recruit young researchers and to provide special information and guidance.