The Érintő Electronic Mathematics Magazine, a free online journal, plays an important role in promoting mathematics


The free Érintő" (Tangent) Electronic Mathematics Magazine, published by the János Bolyai Mathematical Society since 2016 with the financial and professional support of the Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, plays a significant role in disseminating scientific knowledge and popularizing science. The paper, released by editors-in-chief, Ádám Besenyei, Péter Simon and András Stipsicz and responsible publisher Vera Oláh, reports on the curiosities of mathematics, but not just for specialists in the field. In addition to the academic audience, it is also designed to arouse interest in the topic among teachers and university and high school students.

In addition to recent interviews and scientific curiosities, the methodology of coronavirus testing and the modeling of its spread have also been included in the latest issue of the journal. The archived articles of issue 16 and the quarterly publication can also be read free of charge on the website.


The publisher of Érintő, launched in 2016, is the János Bolyai Mathematical Society, and its professional and financial sponsor is the Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics at the Eötvös Loránd Research Network. The founders of the journal were guided by the goal of introducing the world of mathematics to a wider audience and to distribute scientific news in an understandable way to teachers, students and lay people.

The free, quarterly online journal regularly includes explanations of concepts, studies and book reviews to help teach and learn mathematics, as well as articles that give an insight into the lives of mathematicians and stories behind the scenes of scientific life.

The role of Érintő is unique in the promotion of science, as, in contrast to two publications with a long history, Mathematical Papers and Applied Mathematical Papers, it does not seek to publish scientific research. Its authors and editors address issues of everyday life in such a way that the facts are accurate but can be understood by anybody.

The "Érintő" Electronic Mathematics Journal is written by mathematicians not only for mathematicians. Readers can get first-hand information on news and interesting things that are rarely or only indirectly covered by the non-professional press. The editors welcome papers relevant to the topic, so anyone can get involved in promoting mathematics and supporting the work of teachers and students.