The Demography of Disasters – a book written in partnership with the CSFK Geographical Institute published by Springer


As a result of a long-term cooperation between the Northern Institute of Charles Darwin University (Australia) and the Geographical Institute of the ELKH Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, a book entitled The Demography of Disasters – Impacts for Population and Place has recently been published by Springer.

The book discusses the interplay between disasters and demography in 13 chapters written by 23 internationally recognized scholars from Australia, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine and the USA. The topics range from bushfires in California through depopulation caused by forest fires in Russia to the demographic effect of heatwaves in Australia and nuclear disaster-induced mass resettlement in Japan.

This OPEN ACCESS book is available for FREE download via Springer at the following link:

An international conference planned in Budapest for the launch of the book has been postponed to a later date due to the coronavirus pandemic disaster.