ELKH SZTAKI has become the first organization in Hungary to acquire the world’s fastest and most advanced server capable of GPU communication, the Supermicro 4124GO-NART. The researchers have fitted the target hardware infrastructure for teaching neural networks with the latest NVIDIA HGX A100 8-GPU NVLink solution. The tool, developed for artificial intelligence research and data analysis, can be used to conduct world-class machine sensing research at SZTAKI, as well as in the Artificial Intelligence National Laboratory (MILAB).

The main goals of SZTAKI include the development of machine sensing and the application of the achieved research findings. Such applications include the fusion of data from various imaging systems (camera, LIDAR, radar, etc.) and other sensors, the mapping of unknown environments, the preprocessing of measured values, the improvement of their accuracy, and the detection and compensation of erroneous measurement data and distortions.

The 4124GO-NART packaging. Left: Zsolt Both, software developer at the SZTAKI Informatics Research Laboratory; right: András Benczúr, professional head of the Hungarian Artificial Intelligence National Laboratory (MILAB)

The researchers want to make a significant contribution to research into preserving human health by developing medical imaging. In addition, the analysis of camera images of autonomous vehicles could help in the development of accident prevention solutions, while in various production and agricultural areas the aim is to achieve significant cost reductions.

The new server includes eight NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, capable of around 50 times the speed of previous hardware, ensuring that the group’s machine sensing research can now be supported by world-class experiments.