SZTAKI already researching 6G technology


The Hexa-X flagship project has received EUR 12 million in funding from the European Commission for research into post-5G and 6G mobile radio technologies. The project aims to connect people to the physical and digital environment. ELKH's Research Institute of Computer Science and Control (SZTAKI) is participating in the project by developing the necessary artificial intelligence (AI) module, with András Benczúr, head of the National Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence, coordinating the work on the Hungarian side.

The project's international team consists of service providers, system integrators and research centers: led by Nokia and in addition to Ericsson, Siemens, Intel, Atos, B-Com, Orange, Wings, Telefonica and Telecom Italia, a total of 11 research and university institutes are participating in the project.

Hexa-X is focusing on the following areas:

  • fundamentally new high-resolution, high-frequency radio access technologies for localization and detection;
  • connected intelligence with an AI-based wireless interface; controlling the networks of the future;
  • 6G architectural foundations for network disaggregation and dynamic dependability
  • The Hexa flagship aims to maintain a leading role in Europe's wireless networking technology, as well as providing a great opportunity for disruptive but sustainable change.

Hexa-X received a maximum rating of 15/15 points from the European Commission.