Researcher at Wigner Research Centre for Physics Wins CERN CMS Achievement Award


In April 2020, as the only Hungarian awardee, Frigyes János Nemes, assistant research fellow of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics (Wigner Centre), a member of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network, won the CERN CMS Achievement Award in acknowledgement of his innovative work in 2019 (CERN: European Organization for Nuclear Research).

The CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) is one of the detectors at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) built for particle physics research purposes. The device, located in Cessy, France, near the Swiss border, is 21 m long, has a diameter of 15 m and weighs 14,000 tons, and is used in the major international experiment in which Frigyes János Nemes participates. The Wigner Centre scientist deserved the 2019 CMS Achievement Award for his innovative determination of the LHC optics from Precision Proton Spectrometer (PPS) data. The method elaborated by the Hungarian scientist has become a key ingredient for all CMS experimental analyses based on PPS information, which is a significant result in such a crucial international project.

In the middle: Frigyes János Nemes, on the left: Harrison Prosper (FSU), CMS Collaboration Board Chair, on the left: Roberto Carlin, CMS spokesperson

The CMS Achievement Award was founded in 2007 in order to honor the individual achievement of researchers participating in international projects. It illustrates the prestige of the award that out of the 15 thousand workers at CERN, nearly 5500 people are involved in the CMS experiment, out of whom only 28 researchers won this award this year.

Frigyes János Nemes is an assistant research fellow in the Femtoscopy Research Group at the Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics. He earned his PhD at ELTE University under the supervision of Tamás Csörgő of the Wigner Centre and Eszterházy Károly University and Máté Csanád of ELTE University. Frigyes János Nemes is a Hungarian member of CERN’s CMS and TOTEM experiments at the LHC accelerator.

The winners of the CMS Achievement Award 2019