Partnership agreement between NKE and ELKH supports strengthening of supply of researchers and lecturers and joint research


Representing the Eötvös Loránd Research Network (ELKH) the ELKH Secretariat has concluded a cooperation agreement with the National University of Public Service (NKE). The two institutions are jointly looking for points of connection in the fields of research and higher education, in particular doctoral training programs. The two parties will together explore and develop the possibilities for ELKH's research sites to be involved in NKE's research and educational activities.

The National University of Public Service and the Eötvös Loránd Research Network want to create and strengthen the framework for exemplary professional cooperation that demonstrates useful results for society, higher education and academic life. In line with this endeavor an agreement was signed by Gergely Deli, Rector of NKE, and Miklós Maróth, President of ELKH with the objective of identifying and developing opportunities for ELKH research sites to join the research and teaching activities of NKE with special focus on doctoral training programs.

"In addition to education, the National University of Public Service also pays special attention to research," emphasized Gergely Deli. The Rector of NKE highlighted, "Professionally recognized and experienced researchers, instructors and experts at the university carry out priority, strategic-level, multidisciplinary research the results of which are integrated into the educational activities of the faculties, and they also strengthen cooperation with other higher education and scientific institutions. Students intending to study science also have the opportunity to obtain a doctorate degree. NKE has an independent accredited doctoral school in the fields of military sciences, military technical sciences, public administration sciences and law enforcement sciences."

"As part of its mission, ELKH supports efforts to make the most extensive use of the results of basic research, which can contribute to the solution of domestic and global social and environmental challenges. ELKH's task is also to encourage cooperation between domestic and international members of the research and development ecosystem, which also helps to strengthen the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy. It also supports Hungary being at the forefront of research and development in Europe and the world," emphasized Miklós Maróth. The President of ELKH added, "There are many areas, such as water science or artificial intelligence-based research, in which both organizations individually are at the forefront. By starting joint projects results may be multiplied."

The agreement between NKE and ELKH creates a basis for wider cooperation between the two institutions than before, providing opportunities for joint projects both in the fields of education and research.