New volume of studies published on the micro-history of the First World War


The Institute of Literary Studies of the Research Centre for the Humanities (BTK) at ELKH has published a volume of papers entitled "A Greeting to the Victor", which is the final piece of the three-part conference series organized on the occasion of the centenary of the First World War.


The recently published volume contains the edited papers of the October 2018 interdisciplinary conference "Üdvözlet a győzőnek" (A Greeting to the Victor). The antecedents of the three-volume series go back to 2014 and 2016, when two conferences were organized under the titles "Emlékezés egy nyár-éjszakára (Memory of a Summer Night) and "E nagy tivornyán" (At This Great Bacchanalia) respectively, and the papers presented at both events were also published in a volume.

The call for the third conference, like the previous two, sought to creatively rethink and contextualize the irony of an Endre Ady poem, reaching the point where this irony becomes utterly bitter and hopeless, while elsewhere the unprecedented blossoming of the 1920s is in full swing and works are being written that complete the cultural project of modernity and define the image of the century.

The studies in this volume explore this duality in the history of literature, music, fine arts, dance, theater, film, mass culture, contemporary media, common language, public thinking, and cultural institutions. The speakers of the conference represented a number of different scientific workshops, such as the institutes of the Research Center for the Humanities (ITI, ZTI, MTKI), various Hungarian universities (ELTE, PPKE), public collections (OSZK, PIM) and research sites beyond the borders of Hungary.

The lectures rewritten as a paper (following the original order of the conference program) were organized into six thematic sections: the Context of World Literature; Institutions of Culture; Film, Fine Arts, Theater and Music; The Eyes of the Contemporary: Diaries and Memoirs; Writers and Works: Decisions and Dilemmas; Cult and Public Life. The staff of the Institute offered the volume to the memory of three colleagues who participated in organizing the conference series, but unfortunately passed away in the meantime: Anna Bálint, Éva Jeney and Dániel Szabó.

The table of contents of the new volume and the full content of the previous two books can be downloaded from the links in the paper published on the BTK website.