Katalin É. Kiss elected member of the British Academy


Katalin É. Kiss, a linguist, full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and professor at the ELKH Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics (NYTK), has been elected member of the prestigious British Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Founded in 1902, the scientific organisation now has around 1,400 members from all over the world. This year, 84 new members were elected.

Katalin É. Kiss's research focuses on the syntax of the Hungarian language. She seeks to find out what rules and principles can be used to derive all possible sentences from the vocabulary, and how incorrect sentences can be excluded. She aims to build a model that represents, as authentically as possible, the mental grammar in the minds of native Hungarian speakers. Katalin É. Kiss has published numerous books and journal articles in Hungary since 1977, but she is also a recognised figure in international academia.