The Kövesligethy Radó Seismological Observatory of the ELKH Research Institute of Earth Physics and Space Science (FI) launched a new yearbook series named Epicentrum in 2022.

The aim of the series is to present the earthquakes that occurred in Hungary and the surrounding countries in a given year with a scientific approach, but in a concise and easy-to-understand way. In the publications FI researchers also provide information on those earthquakes that were felt in Hungary and on large earthquakes that occurred around the world. In addition to up-to-date and interesting facts, the volume also includes phenomena detected by the Hungarian national seismological network managed by FI, as well as the earthquakes occurred in Croatia that could be felt in Hungary. The editors hope the publication will provide readers with a wide range of useful information.

The title of the first volume of the series is Epicentrum 2020 and presents events observed in 2020. The Hungarian language yearbook can be freely downloaded in PDF format from this link.