The Astronomical Institute of CSFK has been contributing to the Comet Interceptor mission of ESA since the idea development stage. The space probe will start in 2029 as the first mission in history to be launched without a known specific target.

The probe targets a comet that will enter to the inner Solar System for the first time since its formation approximately 4.5 billion years ago. The Comet Interceptor mission will wait in space at one of the so-called Lagrange points to discover a suitable target. According to the statistical estimations of the LSST telescope system, that is expected to happen soon.

As the size, brightness and orbital configuration of the target comet as well as the date of the rendezvous are unknown, the camera system needs to be prepared for a wide range of conditions. The development of the Digital Processing Module of the camera is coordinated by CSFK with the support of a Swedish prime contractor. The related hardware is being developed by the REMRED Ltd. and the software by the SGF Ltd, both are companies from Hungary. The consortium of scientific and industrial partners will demonstrate the power of such synergic collaboration, which could play a significant role in space projects at an international level.