ELKH Supported Research Groups

Office for Supported Research Groups

In addition to research centers and research institutes, the Eötvös Loránd Research Network currently includes 116 independent research groups operating in universities and other public institutions. These groups can receive funding for their research in the form of grants that supported research groups can apply for. Their leaders are university and public institution employees, and their members are researchers employed by ELKH. From an administrative point of view, the groups are operated by the Office for Supported Research Groups (TKI).

The research groups belonging to TKI carry out their research in various fields of mathematics and natural sciences, life sciences, the humanities and social sciences. They provide an organic link between ELKH and major Hungarian research universities, thus laying the foundations for high-level partnerships of excellence.

The research carried out in the groups contributes significantly to Hungarian scientific output. Due to its many practical applications, this can also be used to the benefit of society. Research by several life sciences groups is contributing, for example, to the conservation of biodiversity, the development of region-wide reconstruction programs, and improvements in public health. In addition to successful basic research activities, the research carried out here in the field of natural sciences also helps solve many practical issues, including water management issues at Lake Balaton, and the development of new composite materials.

Several groups are carrying out essential research in the field of Hungarian history and language. It is worth highlighting the work associated with language technology and the publication of archives from the Anjou and the Sigismund eras, which can be regarded as valuable scientific work. In addition, studies are undertaken into many other popular and important social science issues, such as social and generational differences in behaviors detrimental to public health.


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