The law and the virus


The Institute of Legal Studies (JTI) at the Centre for Social Sciences (TK) has launched a new project entitled ‘Epidemiology and Jurisprudence’ building on its research work entitled ‘The Reaction Ability of the Hungarian Legal System between 2010 and 2018’ implemented under a former NRDI fund. The legislation and application of law in special times of epidemic may not only exceed the normal regulatory framework but, many times, it deviates from the logic and doctrine of the various branches of law. Researchers want to know whether old or new legal tools are applicable to the new circumstances.

In the first phase, the existing law is being examined using analytic and dogmatic methods in a historical and comparative context. Results will be published on the blog of JTI and in the Working Paper series of MTA. JTI is also starting to build legal databases enabling methodologically reliable research. The first results of this research are already available on the JTI website. The Institute for Political Science of TK has recently launched six new research projects on the epidemic and its consequences.