Mathematical models and artificial intelligence-based solutions support the fight against the virus


The Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics (Rényi) has also been involved in coronavirus research in several fields. This work is partly coordinated by the Dynamics and Structure of Networks ERC Synergy Project. One of the main avenues of research is to understand the dynamics of epidemiology with the help of mathematical models, which can reveal possibilities for epidemiological forecasting. This project is headed by László Lovász. In addition to the researchers from the Rényi Institute, the mathematical research group comprises members from the ELTE, the CEU and the Szeged University, among others. The two groups are basing their research on different mathematical models. When it comes to the application of predictive models in forecasting epidemics, it is crucial to consider whether synergies between the two models can be exploited.

Earlier research conducted at Rényi is also built upon this cooperation, namely the results of the Virtual Research Room prototype development project. The protocol for secure management of medical professionals and patient life history data can support the collection and uniform processing of data produced at different sites of the health care system, which is needed to model the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.


The exceptionally fast development of the tele-dermatology application by the Semmelweis University was made possible by an application to support the capture and upload of photographs developed previously by the Artificial Intelligence Group at Rényi. Now that the application has been adapted to the strict data protection requirements and rapid restructuring of the software has been carried out, it can now safely support the treatment of patients with dermatological problems during the coronavirus epidemic.

Another area of research pursued at Rényi together with the Szeged Biological Research Centre (SZBK) is the survey of the theoretical and practical effectiveness of pooling virus tests. The institute is also taking part in the process of disseminating information about the coronavirus.