Economic effects of the pandemic examined by KRTK


The institutions of the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (KRTK) have launched several new research projects to examine the impact of the coronavirus epidemic and related measures on the use of healthcare services as well as the expected economic consequences of contact reduction. The Institute of Economics of KRTK (KRTK KTI) participates in a voluntary online mentoring program to support digital education together with the Hungarian Reformed Charity Service and the #school Educational Organization. The Mechanism Planning ‘Lendület’ Research Team of KRTK KTI has undertaken the development of a website to connect mentors and students via a pairing mechanism.

The Institute for Regional Research of KRTK has created a new research dossier to collect regional analyses, studies, surveys and infographics on the coronavirus epidemic as well as its direct and indirect social and economic impact. The Institute of World Economics of KRTK has launched an ‘Observer’ on its website with the title ‘European Measures in Response to the Coronavirus Epidemic’ to collect up-to-date information on measures from 14 European countries targeted at assisting companies and employees.