Career – Research career model

ELKH is developing a predictable and transparent research career model, one of the main goals of which is to make academic careers attractive to PhD students and those just starting their academic careers. We are striving to create a model that reduces the rate of career changes and migration in the long run, helps retain talent and attracts Hungarian researchers working abroad to allow them to continue their research careers at home.

We are working on developing a long-term research career model supported by guarantees that make expectations clear to everyone, from PhD students to research team leaders, and in which evaluations linked to specific career milestones are carried out by professional bodies of scholars.

Young researchers

Young researchers can start and establish their scientific careers with us. We offer various training and development opportunities, and we also help young talent join the domestic and international scientific community. By introducing the research career model, we want to help our talented young people make the most of their potential in Hungary – in addition to building international relationships to support their professional careers.

Experienced researchers

At the ELKH research sites, researchers with short, medium and long-term experience are able to benefit from a stimulating environment with continuously improving infrastructure, personal development opportunities, diverse domestic and international professional contacts, and recognition for their work.

Other positions

If you are not a researcher, but are interested in science and wish to contribute to great discoveries, you can support the work of researchers in your field of expertise at ELKH, thus promoting scientific advancement.

New Job Postings are available continuously in the ELKH research network, please visit the links below for details.